HA3D and high-risk surgeries: in Vimercate life-saving surgery planned with Medics models

Ten hours in the operating room, an exceptional team of doctors, anesthesiologists and nurses, a surgical planning based on the study of our 3D anatomical models: these are the ingredients that a few days ago, at the ASST of Vimercate (MB), have allowed to successfully perform a very high-risk oncology surgery, previously judged not executable by many other hospitals.
HA3D e chirurgie ad alto rischio

The patient, a 48-year-old woman, was suffering from Klatskin’s cancer, a rare form of malignant biliary tumor, which had been diagnosed a year earlier: “The medical examinations carried out at that time showed that surgery would be risky compared to the benefits it could bring“, explains Dr Christian Cotsoglou, Chief of General Surgery.


Following this diagnosis of inoperability, the patient had been subjected to a combination of local and systemic treatments (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), aimed at keeping the disease at bay for as long as possible: a solution that would certainly have delayed the growth of the tumor mass, but without allowing complete remission.

However, Dr Cotsoglou and his team re-evaluated the feasibility of the surgery: an extremely complex and risky operation that, if successful, would have saved the patient’s life.


Before proceeding in this direction, the woman was subjected to an exploratory intervention, that fortunately confirmed the possibility of a surgical solution.

The use of our 3D patient-specific reconstruction during the pre-operative phase allowed the team led by Dr Cotsoglou to develop an optimal surgical planning, drastically reducing the risk of complications and unforeseen in the operating room: the tumor has been completely removed and the patient can begin post-operative recovery.

The success of this delicate surgery is the confirmation of how the surgical abilities and the concrete support offered by 3D are able to lead to incredible results.


As explains Dr Cotsoglou, who for a long time now has been using Medics models for the surgical planning of high-risk surgeries, “In Vimercate it is used for a long time, with the support of a technological instrumentation based on diagnostic imaging, the method of three-dimensional reconstruction, specifically, of the anatomy subverted by the presence of the tumor. It is a reconstruction that is perfectly comparable to the reality of the organ and of the adjacent tissues on which it is necessary to intervene. So it was in our case“.



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