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Who We Are

Born in 2016 as an innovative startup within the Innovative Business Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin (I3P), Medics is today a leading company in the field of 3D anatomical modeling applied to pre-operative planning and intra-operative support of complex surgeries.

Our project and our daily work are guided by the will to make operations safer, more conservative, and minimally invasive.

What We Do

To achieve this goal, we have developed the Hyper Accuracy 3D® (HA3D®), a three-dimensional, extremely precise patient- specific anatomical reconstruction, which is used by doctors and their team to draw up an optimal surgical plan.

Thanks to HA3D® models, which reproduce in detail the anatomical part to be operated, the surgeons can simulate the surgery before entering the OR and, by our software ICON3D®, review all steps of planning during the intra-operative phase. This approach can help to reduce intra- or post-operative unforeseen and complications and to guarantee every patient a tailor-made surgical treatment. 

HA3D® reconstructions also contribute to a better understanding, by the patients, of their clinical picture and of the details of the surgery. 

All our products, designed with the most advanced image processing and additive manufacturing technologies, are Medical Devices.

How We Do It

Case management is optimized by our cloud portal MyMedics, that improves and consolidates the communication between doctor and engineer, ensuring a constant interaction during all stages of the process.

From the submission of medical images – in compliance with GDPR 2016/679 regulations – to the visualisation of the Medical Device, up to the creation and delivery of the virtual and printed HA3D® model. Our technology is just a click away, anywhere, anytime!

Doubts, questions, insights?

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Our workflow, certified and quality assured to ISO 13485:2016 standard, is transversal and every surgery can benefit from it.

Opening of the case
The surgeon registers on the MyMedics portal and creates his/her own account. Once logged in his/her reserved area, he/she can open a new case, upload the related DICOM images (CT, AngioCT, RMI), enter the details of the case and the specific requests
Elaboration of the model
Within 72 hours after opening the case, the HA3D® anatomical reconstruction developed by our engineers from DICOM images and surgeon’s requirements, can be visualized in the dedicated section on MyMedics
The surgeon has the possibility to interface with the Medics engineer to obtain a result even more customized to his/her specific needs. Starting from these indications, the design of planning and surgical simulation on the HA3D® model is realized and uploaded to MyMedics
Printing of the model
If required by the surgeon, a 3D printed physical reproduction of the virtual HA3D® model can also be designed and realized

Our workflow is certified
 and compliant to ISO 13485:2016 standard

Thanks to this certified system, we are able to control and verify all the phases of our production process, from the acquisition of raw materials to the design, production and surveillance and post market activities.


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