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ICON3D® is a SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) for the intra-operative visualization and manipulation of HA3D® virtual anatomical models.

The purpose of  ICON3D® is to provide support for surgeries, improving the user experience of the surgeons and allowing them to reproduce the pre-operative planning during surgery. 

The software allows doctors to independently and interactively review the resections, annotations and relevant details that they have previously studied, following the planned sequence of surgical gestures. The HA3D® anatomical reconstructions are interactive and patient-specific.

Cognitive Surgery

The intended use is as an Auxiliary Display. The surgeons can use ICON3D® to increase their perception of the real patient’s anatomy, to better recognize the anatomical structures and reproduce the pre-operative planning, previously orchestrated on MyMedics cloud portal

Augmented Reality

ICON3D® allows surgeons to view endoscopic video streams as background, providing a manual landmark-based registration AR solution for rigid and semi-rigid anatomical structures.

Versatile Interaction

ICON3D® can be used with mouse and keyboard, 3D mouse or through a hand-tracking sensor that allows surgeons to view and manipulate HA3D® models in touchless mode. Through a dedicated smart menu, the surgeon can access all the potential of the software without touching any physical interface.

Touchless Interaction

The use of the software in touchless mode is based on a hand- tracking sensor that allows surgeons to manipulate HA3D® models with codified hand gestures.

In the meantime, the other members of the team can always input commands by standard mouse and keyboard, enforcing team cooperation.

What kind of Surgeries?

ICON3D® is suitable to all surgical specialties and applicable in all types of surgery: open, laparoscopic and robotics.

In open and laparoscopic surgery, the HA3D® reconstructions are visualized with touchless manipulation on an Auxiliary Monitor. In robotics ICON3D® is displayed with the split-screen function within the robotic consoles. ICON3D® can be configured with a plug and play set-up, already set up and ready for use in all surgeries. 

Why you should use ICON3D®

The ICON3D® Software

Medics currently provides a compatible medical grade accessory hardware for the use of ICON3D® inside the OR.

The standard use of the SaMD ICON3D® is designed to be independent of any other surgical hardware; yet it can be integrated with other third-party video systems within the OR, such as laparoscopic or endoscopic devices.” 

The arm

The flexible adjustable arm allows the user to achieve the best position of the ICON3D® monitor for the entire surgical team.

The Interaction

ICON3D® extends usability by allowing doctors to interact with HA3D® models through a range of compatible input devices: mouse, keyboard, touchless sensor, 3D mouse


ICON3D® can be equipped with high-end informatic components to guarantee the best performance of the software even with intense use in AR mode.

The anatomical models displayed on ICON3D® are virtual HA3D® reconstructions previously realized, uploaded and studied on MyMedics cloud portal.

ICON3D® makes available all the annotations and the surgical planning previously elaborated on MyMedics, collecting them within customizable preset views conceived to be recalled during the surgery. To view the three-dimensional reconstructions on ICON3D®, the surgeons just must log-in in the software using their MyMedics credentials and download the HA3D® models directly from the OR (it is necessary to have an Internet connection inside the OR).

ICON3D® is a CE marked Medical Device.


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