and Thoracic Surgery

In the context of Thoracic Surgery, the HA3D® virtual anatomical models are useful to:

Visualize the relationships between healthy tissue and tumor

Accurately analyze the course of the vascular systems

Simulate the resection margins of lung tissue

Study anatomical variants and anomalous vascular courses


In case of lung tissue resection, the HA3D® model allows the surgeon to interact with the anatomy and to study the case with the aim of:

  • Intuitively visualizing the vascular systems inside the organ
  • Visualizing the simulation of vascular perfusion of certain branches
  • Knowing the exact spatial position of the tumor mass
  • Studying the relationships between the different vascular systems
  • Identifying the position of enlarged lymph nodes in relation to the vascular and bronchial systems
  • Simulating the vascular suture, verifying planned surgical steps

During the intra-operative phase, the use of HA3D® reconstruction allows the surgeon to review the previously developed planning. Referring to the three-dimensional model, he/she has the possibility to verify the maneuvers carried out and to identify the different anatomical landmarks more easily. This facilitates the identification and resection of planned and simulated vascular branches, even in cases of complex anatomical variants.


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