Medics 3D

3D anatomical modeling for surgical planning, simulation and support

Hyper Accuracy 3D®:
born for surgery, made for you

Medics technology is transversal to all surgical specialties: our HA3D®
anatomical reconstructions can be used by any doctor and for any type of surgery.

3D Anatomical Modeling for surgeries

Hyper Accuracy 3D® (HA3D®) is a patient-specific anatomical reconstruction precise and faithful in every detail, designed to support the surgeon in planning and managing the most complex surgeries

Surgical Simulation and Planning

Our three-dimensional, interactive HA3D® models allow the doctor to simulate surgery and draw up a more accurate surgical planning, reducing operating time and risks

Technological innovation and Dedicated Workflow

HA3D® reconstructions are Medical Devices designed with the most advanced image processing and additive manufacturing technologies, through a certified workflow optimized by a cloud-based system
A faithful and interactive reproduction of the patients anatomy 
An innovative tool for surgical simulation and planning
An intra-operative support for the success of the most complex surgeries

“A faithful and interactive reproduction of the patient’s anatomy”

“An innovative tool for surgical simulation and planning”
“An intra-operative support for the success of the most complex surgeries”

Hyper Accuracy 3D®
What benefits?

The use of HA3D® models has proven to be an effective tool to better face surgeries, bringing benefits to all involved

HA3D® helps to provide every patient with a “tailor-made” surgical treatment, a safer and less invasive surgery and a better understanding of his/her clinical picture

HA3D® helps the surgeon to have a better visual-spatial perception, allows him/her to simulate the surgery in the planning phase and to more accurately predict the outcome of the surgery. All this implies the possibility of reducing intra- or post-operative risks and complications.

The use of HA3D® models allows to reduce surgical and hospitalization times, favoring a decrease in direct costs for the hospital. In addition, the increased safety resulting from the support of HA3D® can result in a reduction of the medical-legal issues related to intra- or post-operative complications.

Medics is a leading company in the field of 3D anatomical modeling applied to pre-operative planning and intra-operative support of complex surgeries

All Medics products, designed with the most advanced image processing and additive manufacturing technologies, are Medical Devices.

Our workflow, certified and compliant to ISO 13485:2016 standard, is transversal and every surgery can benefit from it.

Case management is optimized by our MyMedics cloud portal, which improves and consolidates the communication between surgeon and engineer, ensuring a constant interface throughout the whole process.

Our technology is just a click away, anywhere, anytime

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Why Medics

The testimonies of the surgeons:

"Hyper Accuracy 3D® provides us with an accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the anatomy of the liver and of the relationships between the lesions to be removed, the blood vessels and the bile ducts. This technology allows us to evaluate in an extremely precise way all vascular and biliary anomalies of the liver and to calculate the volume of organ to be resected, avoiding post-operative complications."
Prof. A. Guglielmi
AOUI of Verona
“The new generation of real HA3D® anatomical reconstructions has increased the precision of my surgery.”
Prof. F. Porpiglia
AOU San Luigi Gonzaga, Orbassano (Turin)
“HA3D® is an extraordinary teaching tool, it facilitates the planning of complex procedures and allows the simulation of surgeries, increasing the accuracy of the surgeon and reducing operative time
Prof. A. Massè​
CTO Hospital, Turin
"The experience we are gaining with Medics is evolving our concepts of pre-operative planning. We are very satisfied with the interaction and think that the technical expertise of Medics is rapidly consolidating. The case reports provided contain useful information and accurately describe any vascular abnormalities as well as the presence of suspected infiltrations."
Prof. A. Ruzzenente
AOUI of Verona
HA3D® is able to generate models that are perfectly identical to the original, which helps the surgeon to identify the disease in detail and to minimize the number of sacrificed nephrons or, as regards prostate cancer, to identify the relationship of the disease with the healthy gland and better preserve the neuro-vascular bundles during radical prostatectomies.”
Dr. S. Perdonà
Istituto Nazionale Tumori IRCCS Fondazione G. Pascale, Naples
"I strongly believe that HA3D® represents a huge step forward in surgical training and mentoring, and an invaluable tool to enhance precision in performing complex thoracic surgical procedures."
Dr. F. Guerrera
Molinette Hospital, Turin
“The newly developed HA3D® anatomical reconstruction of the lung is a step forward in Thoracic Surgery beginning in the pre-operative setting by planning surgery through the study of the anatomy by means of an interactive 3D model, to a dynamical real time navigation of the lung/lobe/segment during surgery. HA3D® supports the surgeons during the surgical steps, possibly increasing radicality in oncological patients, safety, and precision intraoperatively. Also, features such as subtracting/hiding the desired anatomical structure (vessels/bronchi/lymph nodes), and the fissure algorithm, provide a perfect setting for teaching younger doctors by simulation.”
Dr. A. Sandri
AOU San Luigi Gonzaga, Orbassano (Turin)


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