3 Million Euro funding for our new AI project

The second Quarter of 2022 opened in the best way, thanks to the achievement of a new, important goal: we closed a round of financing of 3 million euros led by Rif-T, an investment vehicle managed by Equiter and dedicated to the financial support of innovative companies in the scale-up phase.

In addition to Rif-T, which has entered into commitments of up to €2 million including capital increase and shareholder financing, the round also sees the participation of Intesa Sanpaolo, with the provision of a medium-term bank loan for an amount of €1 million.

During the next three years, our Company will invest the obtained capital in the development of an innovative software that, through computer vision and machine learning algorithms, will allow us to realize our HA3D® anatomical reconstructions in a semi-automatic way. Thanks to the progressive introduction of AI in the company workflow, we will be able to significantly speed up the processing time and – consequently – to increase the number of reconstructions produced. All this in full maintenance of the quality standards that have always distinguished our product.

The Digital Health market is constantly growing, both in Italy and abroad: 2021 was a record year for investments in this sector and further progress is expected by 2022. Among the main trends, a prominent place is undoubtedly occupied by Artificial Intelligence: solutions based on the use of AI are able to address diagnoses, prevention and treatment paths, involving stakeholders in the sector (doctors, patients, healthcare facilities, local institutions). Already in 2020, the total value of AI solutions in the Healthcare field was 6.7 billion euros, with a forecast of strong acceleration in the coming years.

Digital Health: a growing market

“This important operation contains several elements of value for the future of the Company. First of all, it is undoubtedly one of the key milestones of Medics strategic growth and expansion plan: thanks to the investments that will be made in R&D, it will be possible to optimize and speed up internal production processes, concretely supporting the scale-up process”, stated Andrea Andolfi, CEO of Medics. “At the same time, this development will increase the usability of 3D technology in an increasing number of surgical specialties, thanks to a greater flexibility and availability of HA3D® reconstructions, even in the intra-operative context. Moreover, the entry into the social structure of a partner like Equiter – through the Rif-T fund -, in addition to giving prestige to the Company, structurally strengthens the solidity of the project and expand the vision of its potential.”

“This operation represents for Equiter the opportunity to invest, through the Rif-T fund, in a promising reality of the territory, strongly rooted in Turin and with the potential to help support the work of excellent surgical teams, nationally and internationally”, commented Carla Patrizia Ferrari, A.D. of Equiter. “The developed technology and the reference sector are also at the heart of some of the key strategic axes of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, such as the digital transformation in the Public Administration and the innovation of the technological equipment of the National Health Service, particularly priority areas in this historic moment. Finally, the development of the Company will be accompanied by the acquisition of highly specialized personnel, with the inclusion in the workforce of young talents with biomedical and digital skills.”

“The capital increase of Medics makes us very happy for the growth path that the company has brilliantly made since its entry into our incubator”, commented Giuseppe Scellato, President of I3P. “At the end of 2019 we rewarded Medics as I3P Startup of the Year for its market potential, proving how essential its service is in the surgical and medical fields in general. The growing attention to innovative solutions in medicine allows young realities of excellence such as Medics to be evaluated with great attention and interest, both by investors and by Italian and international health structures.”



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