ISO 13485:2016

An undertaking and a mission

Our quality policy is a declaration of intents about all aspects in our company life but specially about

  • our care of the patients’ safety and health, by means of a state of the art product and quality system

  • our dedication to customer satisfaction, by means of continuous research

  • our aspiration to continuous improvement by means of the technical innovation.

The aim of the quality policy is to provide to Medics the means to:

  • ensure patient safety

  • ensure that each medical device placed on the market complies to legal and regulatory requirements, including the Medical Devices Directive

  • ensure that the technological advancements in 3D printing provide a consistent and improved level of quality in surgical planning

  • identify reference markets for our innovative products and services, in particular the distribution of our products to top surgical centers

  • strengthen the relationship with our customers and users and create new marketing strategies by granular diffusion of 3D printing service with a medical grade quality

To ensure patient safety and health, Medics will:

  • comply to the highest technical standards

  • design and manufacture custom made devices according to regulatory requirements applicable to Medical Devices

  • research for innovative solutions

To ensure continuous improvement, the Company will:

  • strengthen the research and development

  • involve the personnel

  • define yearly quality plans

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ISO 13485:2016 certificate