The Hyper Accuracy 3D for General Surgery aims to interact with the three-dimensional reconstruction of the anatomy, to have a better visual-spatial perception and to better plan the intervention.

The level of accuracy and precision of Medics Medical Devices is such as to allow the planning of targeted interventions in respect of noble vascular structures based no longer on ideal models, but on the real anatomy of the individual patient.



During the planning of the intervention, the HA3D technology allows to evaluate, thanks to the three-dimensional visualization of the parenchymatous organ, the relationship between the portal peduncles, the supra-hepatic veins and the hepatic arteries with respect to the tumor mass.


Our Medical Devices are very useful in planning parenchyma-saving surgery, ensuring an adequate "future liver remnant" which is a concrete resource in the context of a multidisciplinary management of complex oncological pathology.

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HA3D   reconstructions are very useful in very complex cancer cases, especially if associated with morphological and/or vascular variants.


Thanks to Medics diagnostic Devices, it is possible to know the exact position and extent of the tumor mass, as well as the relationship with the adjacent structures. This allows to perform a partial pancreasectomy with more confidence.



In the presence of colorectal neoplasms, Medics Medical Devices support standard diagnostic procedures providing valid pre and intraoperative support.

HA3D allows to identify the lesion and its staging, highlighting infiltrations of the mesorectum and adjacent structures.


Furthermore, it is possible to study vascular anatomy, identify swollen lymph nodes in situ and plan the best partial colectomy strategy.


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